Študijski obisk predstavnikov ELSA Dresden v Sloveniji

Poročilo o študijskem obisku predstavnikov ELSA Dresden v Sloveniji bo objavljeno v 61. izdaji Synergy magazine, glasila ELSA International. Izvode te revije dobijo v fizični obliki vse lokalne (ki jih je prek 300) in nacionalne (jih je 43) skupine ELSA, ki povezuje 42.000 članov ELSA, študentov prava in mladih pravnikov. V elektronski obliki je Synergy dostopen na https://issuu.com/vpmarketing/docs, poročilo pa si lahko preberete tudi tukaj.

Study visit of ELSA Dresden to ELSA Nova Gorica & ELSA Ljubljana (Slovenia)

sLOVEnia welcomes ELSA Dresden

After being so warmly welcomed by our friends in Dresden, team ELSA Nova Gorica & ELSA Ljubljana (both local groups of ELSA Slovenia) had quite a challenge to organize an incoming Study visit on a similar level. But as we are sLOVEnians, we had in mind, that if we try hard, we may appear LOVEly, which could help us to manage it somehow.

Friends from ELSA Dresden were in Slovenia from May 18th to 22th. We welcomed them in Slovenian capital Ljubljana, central point of our Study visit, where entire academic part took place. To give our guest a glimpse of variety of Slovenia, we visited other regions as well.

President of the Republic of Slovenia (being the nominal chief of the Executive branch in Slovenia with mostly representative competencies) has his office in the Presidential palace in Ljubljana, which we paid our visit to officialy begin Study Visit. We were very lucky, that Mr. Borut Pahor likes to keep Presidental palace open for various social events. On that very day he had a special one, namely visit of 200 children from primary school as well as a group of 100 elders, planned. Our ELSA group was also invited to join, so we had an unique opportunity to meet Mr. Pahor.

borči visit

Later we had a short tour of Ljubljana; Parlament building, Cankarjev dom (central cultural building in Slovenia, named after Ivan Cankar, prominent slovenian writer), Prešeren square. Latest is the main square of Ljubljana. It’s quite unique, because most capitals have there monuments of soldiers or war heroes; Slovenia has however, in the middle of our capital, monument of Slovenia’s most prominent poet, France Prešeren, who is also an author of Slovenian national anthem, Zdravljica (‘A Toast’). Next stop was Kongresni trg (Square of Congress; named after congress of the Holy Alliance, which was in Ljubljana in 1821), followed by visit to Križanke, famous open air theatre (named after Knights of the Cross) and boat cruise of the river Ljubljanica.

Visit to the Court Palace in Ljubljana, headquaters of both District Court, Higher Court in Ljubljana as well as to The Supreme Court of Slovenia, was our mean to experience the heart of Judicial branch in Slovenia. There, we were firstly welcomed by the Manager of the District Court, then visited Central Judicial Library, where we had an opportunity to see old legal books (the oldest is more than 500 years old Criminal Code)! A quick presentation of judicial system in Slovenia in the most beautiful court hall of Court Palace followed. At alma mater to ELSA Nova Gorica, University of Nova Gorica, we subsequently attended a lecture of dr. Ana Polak Petrič, High Representative of the Republic of Slovenia for Succession, who introduced us to the topic ‘Work of the International Law Comission’.

After gaining so much new information, a refreshing coffee at Nebotičnik (Skyscraper; built in art deco style) came well. Name of the building isn’t a pure coincidence, it was built in year 1933 and was at that time the tallest building in Central Europe! It offers magnificent view on the city of Ljubljana, Ljubljana Castle (which we also visited), one can see mountaines, broad forrests and other natural beauties of Slovenia as well. On a sunny day, one can even see Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia (2864 m), Slovenian national symbol, also included in Slovenian coat-of-arms.

Guided tour of Državni zbor (National Assembly, being first chamber of Slovenian parliament, with Državni svet – National Council – as second), highest authority of the Legislative branch in Slovenia, ended with a short visit to the plenary in session. We were also welcomed by one MP and had an opportunity to see office of MP’ group. To see another important institution of Judicial branch, we visited Ustavno sodišče (Constitutional Court of Slovenia), where we had an insightful lecture on the role of this court in Slovenian legal system as well as on its most important decisions.

To be able to see some of Slovenia’s tourist attraction, we then headed to Gorenjska (Upper-Carniola) region. First stop was Škofja Loka, town with the best preserved medieval town core in Slovenia, firstly mentioned in year 973, where we had a guided tour. If/when you meet me in person, I will probably mention it to you, because I am a proud local of this town.

bled visit

Next stop was Bled, one of the most prominent attractions in Slovenia, mostly because of glacial lake, which has a beautiful island with an old church. When in Slovenia, visit Bled! Visit Bled‘s castle, which offers magnificent view on the lake and island. We did that and didn’t regret it. As a real tourists, we then indulged in a famous kremšnita (‘cream cake’, typical dish for Bled) in the restaurant by the lake.

Waking up early in the morning was sometimes challenging, but having in mind programme ahead of us, it was a bit easier. Namely, visit to our coastal region (Primorska, Littoral) was planned as well. We headed to Škocjanske jame (Škocjan caves), magnificent natural beauty, included in the UNESCO heritage list and should be also included in your bucket list, when you visit sLOVEnia. Soon after we saw the sea for the first time on our Study visit! We stopped in Koper, capital of our coastal region. A beautiful sunny weather helped us to enjoy this day to its fullest. As Slovenia has quite some beautiful coastal towns, we headed to the most beautiful one, Piran, one of the oldest town in Slovenia. Relaxing stroll to the town centre, interrupted by a short stop to wet our legs in the sea, was followed by an ice cream chilling at Tartini square, center of Piran, named after famous composer violinist Giuseppe Tartini, local of Piran. To gain broadened perspective, we ascended up the hill to the Piran’s Cathedral of St. George, offering beautiful view on the seaside.

Last delicious stop was then waiting for us, wine tasting at the local winery near Koper. Owner showed us, where and how the wine is produced and then we had an opportunity to taste the results of this production, accompanied by delicious local food (bread, cheese, olives, fruit …). Tired, we arrived in Ljubljana in the late evening.

On Sunday it was time to say goodbye to our dear friends from ELSA Dresden. As we experienced quite a lot together this year, we are still in contact and some of us even had an opportunity for a happy reunion.

Last but not the least, we would like to say, that sLOVEnia is awaiting your visit as well, so feel invited to come!

Blaž Božnar
ELSA Ljubljana
Judical Trainee at Higher Court in Ljubljana

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